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Always be innovative to keep our company abreast of the others to enhance global competitiveness and customer’s satisfaction.


With the current global emphasis on green environment and technology, our research and development is a vital path for us to stay in the forefront.


Affectionate cooperation among team members and customers is leading towards a long term win-win relationship.


Rendering superior products quality and services to customers to the utmost satisfaction.





Cushioning pad & Die-cutting parts

Supplying the technical foam/sponge material that complying with automotive standard. Those are consists of air & water sealing foam, cushioning or anti vibration foam, spacer, gasket, noise/sound absorbing material, heat insulation material and the lamination of PVC/fabric with PU foam substrate either water based laminated or flame laminated that ultimately processed into car seat cover ,headrest envelop and door trim parts for a vehicle.

Electronics & Electricals

Electronics & Electricals

Die-cutting materials, sealing, cushioning, gasket & etc

Those manufacturers like, home appliances, office automation equipment, electronics parts and related, typically use Wansern specific material in the aspect for anti-vibration/cushioning, gasket, antistatic properties, sealing and others unique characteristic.



Aviation seat cushion

Wansern is able to produce the specialty foam products that are complying with the stringent standard of aviation, especially from the aspect of flammability safety, buoyancy and comfort.

Constructions Foams & Tapes

Constructions Foams & Tapes

Construction foams & tapes

Wansern supplied materials are able to serve the construction to achieve better comfort in form of acoustic performance, thermal insulation, gap filling and door sealing or gasket



Packaging materials

Even though, packaging sounds simple, Wansern material is not only supply to the market with wide range of foam density & color from gift packing to premium equipment packing which required maximum protection from being damage or scratch during handling and transportation. The supplied forms are mostly in tailor designed and finish processed mode.

Cleaning Sponges

Cleaning Sponges

Cleaning sponges

Wansern provided many types of cleaning sponges for cleaning purpose such as household, car wash & others.



Acoustic materials

Besides of the industries stated, Wansern R & D team is continuously conducting research and development to create and produce new material that either totally new or in line with the market demands. Amongst the others industries are, medical part, personal protective equipment part, protective dampening or cushioning for playground, sport arena and etc.

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Wansern Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Wansern Technology Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 19th November 2001 with the mission to supply excellent quality technical foam into an extremely challenging markets & exclusive industries. Beside of supplying the flexible slab stock foam (polyether & polyester base), Wansern also provides other sponges, double sided tapes, non woven based material, adhesive backed coating and converting services to fulfill the discerning demands of the domestic & international markets.

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  • Continuous Foaming Machine
    Long Bun Peeling Machine (looper)
    Carousel Slicing Machine
    Contour Cutting Machine
  • Profile Cutting Machine
    Water Base Laminating Machine
    Flame Laminating Machine
    Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Coating Machine
  • Vertical Cutting Machine
    Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine
    High Frequency Welding Machine
    Ultrasonic Welding Machine